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WE Dance januaryHoliday Program 2024 一月假期班报名开始!Prepare for the start of the new semester in 2024!为新学期开学做好准备!

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

WE DANCE January Holiday Program, online enrollment starts now!


Week 1 : January 15-19 (Monday to Friday)

Week 2 : January 22-26 (Monday to Friday)


🩰 Detailed Class Schedule:


Ballet Open Advanced Masterclass

Dance Competition Judge Technique Skill Masterclass

KPOP Finished Dance Class

Ballet Basic Training/Flexibility Training/Technical Skill Training/

Acro Advanced Technique Training Camp


Whether you are preparing for a dance competition or hoping to lay a solid foundation for next year's learning, we tailor high-level dance courses to meet your needs. From 5-years-old kids to older children, we offer various levels of courses, ensuring that every student can find their suitable dance journey.


WE DANCE 2024一月假期特训班,网上报名开启!



🩰 详细课程安排:

芭蕾舞高级大师班 : 任课老师 Tonia

舞蹈比赛评委技巧技能大师班(仅18&19两天): 任课老师 Cara Wright

基本功高级技术训练营: 任课老师 Cindy / Forrest

KPOP成品舞蹈班:任课老师 Tiffany

芭蕾基础训练/柔韧性训练/技术技巧训练 :任课老师 熊老师

Hip-hop成品舞蹈班:任课老师 David



oliday class registration is available all day. If you don't want to bring lunch, search and download the WE DANCE APP in the app store to enjoy exclusive reservation and meal delivery services!


假期班报名全天,午餐不想带饭,在应用商店搜索并下载WE DANCE APP,享受专属预定和送餐服务!

Holiday class morning and evening care service, allowing you to drop off your children earlier and pick them up later! (For details, please contact customer service)




Class spots are filling up fast, hurry up to register!


班级名额有限,报名要抓紧哦!您可以使用WE DANCE APP直接在线报名或者点击以下链接报名,或者微信联系客服报名 客服微信号:WEDANCESCHOOL




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