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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We are Western and Eastern DANCE

Our dream flourished into a haven for dancers who sought not just to learn, but to experience dance in a way that broke down barriers and fostered a sense of global unity. Their school was more than just a place to dance; it was a vibrant, ever-evolving testament to the power of cultural fusion in the arts.


Our Story

In 2020, Cindy and Frank founded a unique dance school, blending the rich traditions of Western and Eastern cultures. Cindy, an accomplished dance teacher, was deeply devoted to the art of dance, possessing an obsessive dedication to both teaching and dance competitions. Her vision was not just to instruct but to inspire, to create a fusion of styles that transcended borders.

The school quickly became a melting pot of cultural expressions, where the fluid movements of Eastern dance met the bold, expressive styles of the West. Cindy's teaching methods were rigorous yet creative, pushing her students to explore the depths of their abilities while respecting the nuances of different dance traditions.

As the school grew, it became renowned for its innovative approach to dance education. Students from various backgrounds flocked to the school, eager to be part of a community that celebrated diversity in dance. Cindy's obsession with excellence and her keen eye for blending cultural elements made each class a journey into uncharted artistic territories.

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APDA certified dance studio
Royal Ballet Exam Site
China Dancers Association,CDA
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