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What is WE DANCE weekly plan and how it works
什么是WE DANCE周卡,办理周卡需要注意什么?

The weekly plan is a tuition discount policy offered by the school to students who are enrolled in multiple courses. Its aim is to maximize students' academic performance while reducing the burden on parents. If you enroll in more than 5 hour classes per week, you can choose the weekly plan or weekly plan plus for unlimited classes. Before you select the weekly plan, please read the policies below:


1. WEEKLY PLAN must be paid in term(normally 10 weeks), no enrolment for weekly plan is accepted if your enrolment is less than a term of classes.

2. Students can attend NOT MORE THAN 7 class(1 hour each) per week for weekly plan($100 per week) or Unlimited classes for weekly plan plus($120 per week).

3. Any missed classes must be made up in another class of the same level or lower WITHIN THE SAME TERM.

4. WEEKLY PLAN fees are non-refundable and non-transferable: no refunds are given for missed classes due to public holidays, overseas trips, family holidays, birthdays, light flu etc.

5. Please be note that any students chior or music related class is NOT a part of weekly plan.




1. 周卡计划(WEEKLY PLAN)需按学期支付(通常为10周),如果您的报名时间少于一个学期,则不接受周卡计划的报名。

2.学生每周最多可以参加7堂课(每堂1小时),周卡费用为100纽币,或者选择超级周卡(weekly plan plus),可以无限制地参加课程(合唱和音乐除外),费用为每周120纽币。




How can I make up the classes missed?

Please go for make up class if you want to, please be note that make up class is not compulsory, no refunds are given for missed classes due to public holiday, overseas trips, family holidays, birthdays, light flu etc,  you can come over for makeup class only IN THE SAME TERM of the missed classes. Refunds may be  granted due to illness, injury or bereavement only. Medical certificates may be requested.


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