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Fees are payable strictly IN ADVANCE prior to the term commencing to secure a place in a class.

If you have not paid your fees and not attended class by WEEK 3 of the term your enrolment will be cancelled.

A surcharge of 20% per class will be applied if fees are paid after the attended classes.

Make up classes will be offered when classes fall on a public holiday. However,  make up classes have to be made within IN THE SAME TERM and those classes cannot be credit or postponed to the next term or the rest terms of the year.

No refunds are given for missed classes due to overseas trips, family holidays, birthdays, light flu etc, you can come over for makeup class only IN THE SAME TERM of the missed classes. Refunds may be granted due to illness, injury or bereavement only. Medical certificates is requested.

There will be no refund of term fees if a student leaves a class after the first 3 weeks of attendance. If you decide to pull out of a class before your third lesson you will only be charged for the weeks that you were enrolled.

Your enrolment will not be processed if you have an outstanding balance on your account from a previous term/year. Late fees will apply if terms fees are not received in the first week of Term.

Our normal class fee is $23 / per hour, however if you enrol for the whole term, you will get approximately 13% discount for each class, the special fee is $20/per hour after, for those who cannot enrol for the whole term the normal class fee of $23/per hour is applied.



A screen outside classroom 2&3 will be displaying studio 1, 2 and 3. These images are not being recorded and will not be used for any other purpose.

WE DANCE School employs professional photographers/videographers to take photos/videos throughout the year. Photos/videos throughout the year may be added to the WE dance Wechat moments, Facebook or Instagram page, please make the office aware if you or your child wishes to not be in photos/videos.

No photos or videos are to be taken while watching a class unless the teacher has specifically invited you to film or photograph a dance. These videos are to not be shared on and Social Media. This is for child safety reasons.



No student is guaranteed a place in an exam.

A nomination for an exam is based on the assumption that the student will fully commit to exam preparation. Students can be pulled out of an exam at any time at their teachers discretion.

Certain syllabus classes require a minimum of 2 x classes plus 2 x foundation classes must be attended (Grade 1 Ballet and above, Level 1 Jazz and above). If classes are missed, this could jeopardise your place in an exam.

Every student should have their correct exam uniform appropriate to their level from the beginning of the year.

No refunds or credits of the exam fee will be given if a student pulls out of the exam UNLESS due to injury or sickness. A medical certificate may be requested and only a 50% refund will be provided.



Taking part in the end of year show is not compulsory although is highly recommended as it is the highlight of the year. A show costume fee will be included in your term 3 fees. This fee is a contribution towards sewing, purchasing, laundering, storage and handling of costumes. You do not get to keep your show costume. 

A show participation fee per family will be included in your term 3 fees - included in this fee is a free show digital download. 

Attendance at show rehearsals is compulsory.

During the show period, studio rehearsals and theatre week, there are no normal timetabled classes; please refer to your cast list.



Uniform is compulsory for all classes and must be purchased and worn by the students third class.

Continually attending class not in uniform could jeopardise your place in your class.

Correct uniform must be worn for each genre - i.e. students are not allowed to wear jazz uniform in a hip hop class.


Health, Safety, Injury & Medical Conditions Policies & Procedures

WE DANCE School is not liable for personal injury sustained or any loss or damage of personal property, whilst on the premises. WE DANCE School will aim to provide a safe learning environment to reduce the risk of injury. It should be recognised by all students, parents/guardians that dance by its very nature carries a risk of injury or accident.

WE DANCE School provides qualified and/or experienced dance teachers, who actively promote safe dance practice. This being the case it should be realised that injuries do occur from time to time and students must accept this element of risk.

It is the student’s parents/guardian’s responsibility to notify their teacher in the event of injury/medical condition prior to class. Prior to the commencement of the class, it is the student’s or parents/guardians’ responsibility to inform their teacher of any injury which is being treated or may be of concern.

A first aid kit is available to any student through their choreographer, teacher or administration. We do not provide anyone with Panadol or equivalent or administer students’ medication.

WE DANCE School students are under supervision whilst in class time only. While we endeavour to provide a safe environment, teachers and staff cannot be responsible for students outside their allocated class time



If restrictions are reintroduced, whenever possible classes will remain in the studio with social distancing, masks and higher cleaning regulations in place.

If in-studio classes are unable to happen, all classes will be immediately switched over to online. The in-studio timetable will remain the same online and no term fees will be credited or refunded.

Makeup classes will be given to those who are sick with Covid 19 as long as they can provide a medical certificate or any other official form stating they have contracted Covid 19. No makeup class will be provided without these forms.





2&3 教室外的屏幕将显示 1、2 和 3 教室的画面。这些画面不会被记录并不会用于其他目的。

WE DANCE 学校老师与聘请的专业摄影师/摄像师在全年拍摄照片/视频。这些照片/视频可能会被添加到 WE dance 微信朋友圈、Facebook 或 Instagram 页面,请让办公室知道您或您的孩子不想出现在照片/视频中。



















每个流派必须穿着正确的制服——即学生不能在HIP HOP课上穿着爵士舞制服。



在WE DANCE 学校内,我们不对在校园内发生的个人受伤或个人财物丧失负责。WE DANCE 学校将致力于提供一个安全的学习环境,以降低受伤风险。所有学生、父母/监护人都应认识到舞蹈本身存在受伤或事故的危险性在里面。

WE DANCE 学校提供经验丰富的舞蹈老师,他们积极倡导安全的舞蹈教学和动作。鉴于这一情况,您应该认识到伤害偶尔会发生,学生必须接受这一风险要素。



WE DANCE 学校的学生只在课程时间内受到监督。尽管我们努力提供一个安全的环境,但老师和工作人员不对学生在分配的课程时间之外的安全负责。






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