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2024 Calander


April 29- July 7th 2024 

2024 Term1 2024学年 第二学期

Aug - Sep  RAD  Exam date TBD

2024 英皇芭蕾考级 2024学年 具体时间待定 根据英皇芭蕾考级官方安排



From the big picture

  1. Synergy of Western and Eastern Cultures: The school aims to blend Western and Eastern dance forms, creating a unique fusion in its curriculum. This includes:

    • Western styles: Classical ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, and tap dance.

    • Eastern traditions: Various traditional dance forms from Eastern cultures.

  2. Connection to Natural Spirituality: A key aspect of the school's philosophy is integrating natural spirituality into dance education. This involves:

    • Practices like mindfulness and meditation.

    • Drawing inspiration from natural landscapes, including outdoor performances.

  3. Focus on Technical Proficiency and Artistic Expression: The curriculum is designed to develop dancers who are:

    • Technically proficient in a broad range of dance styles.

    • Deeply attuned to artistic expressions across different cultures.

  4. Holistic Development of Dancers: The school emphasizes the overall development of students as artists, focusing on:

    • Physical agility and technical skills.

    • Emotional depth and spiritual resonance.

  5. Cultivating a Universal Language of Dance: The approach aims to nurture dancers who can:

    • Transcend cultural boundaries with their performances.

    • Communicate universally through the language of dance.

  6. Producing World-Class Artists: The ultimate goal is to produce dancers who are not just performers, but:

    • Artists with a deep, intuitive connection to their art form.

    • Capable of delivering performances that resonate globally.

Our Certificate

Royal Academy of Ballet
Royal Academy of Ballet
Asia Pacific Dance Association

Asia Pacific Dance Association (APDA)

China Dancers Association

China Dancers Association,CDA





APDA 考级考点

APDA 爵士考级注册机构

APDA 现代舞考级注册机构

APDA 街舞考级注册机构

APDA 踢踏舞考级注册机构





Photo & Video Album 2023 & 2022

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  • What is WE DANCE weekly plan and how it works 什么是WE DANCE周卡,办理周卡需要注意什么?
    The weekly plan is a tuition discount policy offered by the school to students who are enrolled in multiple courses. Its aim is to maximize students' academic performance while reducing the burden on parents. If you enroll in more than 5 hour classes per week, you can choose the weekly plan or weekly plan plus for unlimited classes. Before you select the weekly plan, please read the policies below: 1. WEEKLY PLAN must be paid in term(normally 10 weeks), no enrolment for weekly plan is accepted if your enrolment is less than a term of classes. 2. Students can attend NOT MORE THAN 7 class(1 hour each) per week for weekly plan($100 per week) or Unlimited classes for weekly plan plus($120 per week). 3. Any missed classes must be made up in another class of the same level or lower WITHIN THE SAME TERM. 4. WEEKLY PLAN fees are non-refundable and non-transferable: no refunds are given for missed classes due to public holidays, overseas trips, family holidays, birthdays, light flu etc. 5. Please be note that any students chior or music related class is NOT a part of weekly plan. 周卡是学校对报课比较多的孩子给与的课时费优惠政策,希望最大限度的提升孩子的成绩并减轻家长的负担,如果您报的课程一周多于5节(每节一小时)那么您可以选择周卡,请注意以下几点条款: 1. 周卡计划(WEEKLY PLAN)需按学期支付(通常为10周),如果您的报名时间少于一个学期,则不接受周卡计划的报名。 2.学生每周最多可以参加7堂课(每堂1小时),周卡费用为100纽币,或者选择超级周卡(weekly plan plus),可以无限制地参加课程(合唱和音乐除外),费用为每周120美元。 3.任何缺课必须在同一学期内在同一级别或更低级别的另一堂课中进行补课。 4.每周计划费用不可退款、不可转让:由于公共假期、海外旅行、家庭假期、生日、轻微感冒等原因缺课,不提供退款。 5.请注意,任何学生合唱团或音乐相关课程都不属于每周计划的一部分。
  • How can I make up the classes missed? 如果我请假了怎么办?
    Please go for make up class if you want to, please be note that make up class is not compulsory, no refunds are given for missed classes due to public holiday, overseas trips, family holidays, birthdays, light flu etc, you can come over for makeup class only IN THE SAME TERM of the missed classes. Refunds may be granted due to illness, injury or bereavement only. Medical certificates may be requested. 如果您请假了,可以选择学期内另外一天去补课,但请注意,补课不是强制性的,如果你实在抽不出时间,可以不补,但是所缺课程得费用不予退还,这些缺课原因可以是但不仅限于公共假期,海外旅行、家庭假期、生日、轻微感冒等个人原因缺课。补所缺课程只能选择在同一学期内的课程。只有因伤病或丧亲等特殊原因才有可能获得退款,但必须提供相关医疗证明等文件,学校保留审核与批准退款的权力。
  • Do I need to wear WE DANCE uniform and why? 我是否需要穿WE DANCE学校统一的舞蹈服,原因是什么?
    The answer is YES, There are several reasons why WE DANCE students are often required to wear the same uniform: Equality and Unity: Wearing the same uniform creates a sense of equality among the students. Regardless of their background, body type, or socioeconomic status, everyone appears the same, fostering a sense of unity and promoting teamwork. It eliminates distractions caused by differences in clothing styles or quality. Focus on Technique: WE Dance uniforms are specifically designed to allow instructors to assess and correct students' technique more effectively. Uniforms typically emphasize form-fitting garments that highlight body alignment and facilitate movement. This ensures that instructors can observe and provide guidance on proper execution and alignment. Professionalism: Dance is an art form that often requires discipline and professionalism. By wearing a uniform, students learn to respect and adhere to the standards and traditions of the dance community. This practice prepares them for future opportunities, such as performances, auditions, or professional engagements, where a standardized appearance is expected. Safety and Comfort: Dance uniforms are designed with safety and comfort in mind. They usually consist of breathable materials that allow for freedom of movement, reducing the risk of injury. Uniforms may also include specific features like padding or support in certain areas to provide dancers with additional protection. Sense of Identity: Wearing a uniform can create a sense of identity and belonging within a dance community. Students often develop a strong bond with their fellow dancers when they share a common visual representation. It fosters a feeling of being part of something bigger and encourages teamwork and cooperation. Elimination of Distractions: Uniforms minimize distractions in the dance studio. When students wear different outfits, it can lead to comparisons, judgments, or unnecessary focus on individual fashion choices. By standardizing the attire, the emphasis remains on the art form itself and the learning experience, rather than on personal appearances. WE DANCE 舞蹈学生应该穿同样制服的原因有以下几点: 平等和团结:穿着同样的制服可以在学生之间建立平等感。不论背景、体型或经济状况如何,每个人看起来都一样,促进团队合作和团结的意识。这消除了由于服装风格或质量不同而引起的分心。 技术原因:舞蹈制服专门设计用于帮助教师更有效地评估和纠正学生的技巧。制服通常强调贴身的服装,突出身体对齐和便于运动。这确保教师能够观察并提供关于正确执行和对齐的指导。 专业性:舞蹈是一门需要纪律和专业精神的艺术形式。穿着制服使学生学会尊重和遵守舞蹈界的标准和传统。这种做法为他们未来的机会做好准备,比如演出、试镜或专业演出,这些场合都需要统一的外观。 安全和舒适:舞蹈制服设计时考虑到安全和舒适性。它们通常由透气材料制成,便于自由运动,减少受伤的风险。制服还可能在某些部位包含特定功能,如垫衬或支撑,为舞者提供额外的保护。 身份认同感:穿着制服可以在舞蹈社区中产生身份认同感和归属感。当学生们分享一个共同的视觉形象时,他们往往与其他舞者建立起强烈的联系。这培养了一种参与更大事物的感觉,并鼓励团队合作。 消除分心:制服减少了舞蹈工作室中的分心因素。当学生穿着不同的服装时,可能会引起比较、评判或对个人时尚选择的不必要关注。通过统一着装,强调保持对艺术形式本身和学习经验的关注,而不是个人外貌。


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