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Our Acro classes is teaching by our Acro department head Cindy, also WE Dance founder and our principal,  she has been teaching foundation classes for almost 10 years  


Acrobatic movement complements many dance forms and shows up in dance choreography with increasing regularity, students wishing to improve their strength and flexibility choose to take acro dance. Our classes safely teach dancers the basics of acro and how to effectively incorporate these skills into dance. Students learn effective progressions within the five divisions of acro: flexibility, core strength, balancing, turning, and leaping. 


Students are continuously challenged as they achieve the skills in their current level and, with teacher assessment and approval, may move through the levels as they accomplish their class goals. Our acro program accommodates dancers ages 5+ and spans 3 different levels. We endeavor to teach proper technique and safe progressions over “quick tricks” in an effort to create strong, capable dancers. 

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