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Quinn Annemans

Quinn Annemans has established himself as a respected and versatile dancer, performer and choreographer. With Quinn’s training predominantly rooted in Modern and Commercial Training he has evolved a unique style that incorporates elements of technical work, contemporary and commercial flow, high energy with a technically trained foundation.

Quinn has worked and choreographed across many disciplines of dance, featured in Live Performances, Television, Music Videos internationally and various Musical Theatre productions including Aladdin, Chicago and Grease. Quinn was raised in Auckland, competing at the highest levels in competitive teams and solo in the Modern Competition scene; Showcase, Get the Beat, Evolution, and PACANZ, and is now a top choreographer for the dancers currently competing at these events.

Quinn’s passion centres in pushing the knowledge of younger dancers through programmes and travelling Australasia to work and find new ways to train them through what they love. Quinn is also the founder of companies; Tiptronic Productions and Velocity Dance Competition. He enjoys being creative and exploring fresh ways to move with dance, enabling him to be extremely adaptable and committed to his work as an artist.

Quinn Annemans已经确立了自己作为一名受人尊敬且多才多艺的舞者、表演者和编舞家的地位。Quinn的训练主要根植于现代舞和商业训练,他发展出了一种独特的风格,融合了技术性工作、现代舞和商业流动,高能量与技术训练基础相结合。

Quinn在许多舞蹈领域工作和编舞,参与了国际现场表演、电视、音乐录影带以及包括《阿拉丁》、《芝加哥》和《油脂》在内的各种音乐剧制作。Quinn在奥克兰长大,在现代舞比赛场景中以团队和个人形式参加最高水平的比赛;包括 Showcase、Get the Beat、Evolution 和 PACANZ,现在是这些赛事上参赛舞者的顶级编舞师。

Quinn的热情在于通过项目推动年轻舞者的知识,并在澳大利亚和新西兰旅行,通过他们喜爱的方式寻找新的训练方法。Quinn还是公司Tiptronic Productions和Velocity Dance Competition的创始人。他喜欢创意,并探索通过舞蹈的新颖方式移动,使他能够极具适应性并致力于作为艺术家的工作。

Quinn 将在第一学期假期班开始在WE DANCE技术技巧以及即兴编舞班级教授相关课程,敬请关注假期班的课表。


Kia ora, my name is Ali! 

I am a British professional dancer who has worked in the industry for over 10 years. My biggest achievement so far has been playing Billy Elliot in the West End working alongside Elton John. I have made TV appearances on Dance Mums UK and Britains Got Talent and also performed on cruise ships in America for Royal Caribbean International. I am an all round performer specializing in Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary and Lyrical. I look forward to seeing you around the studio!


我是一名来自英国职业舞者,在舞蹈行业工作已有超过10年。到目前为止,我最大的成就是在西区扮演比利·艾略特,与艾尔顿·约翰一起合作。我曾在英国的《舞蹈妈妈》和《英国达人秀》上亮相,也曾在美国为皇家加勒比国际的游轮公司表演。我是一名全能表演者,专攻嘻哈舞、爵士舞、现代舞和抒情舞。期待在WE DANCE 舞蹈工作室里见到你!

Ali 目前正在星耀班相关课程任教,他也将参加假期班的课程,相关信息敬请关注假期班课表。

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We are delighted to have invited the Artistic Director of Major Productions at Kristin School on the North Shore, teacher Hamish Mouat, to this training camp. We also hope to invite him to serve as the Artistic Director of the school's Musical Theatre department and as a member of the annual performance's directing team in the future. Below is the introduction of teacher Hamish Mouat:

这次的训练营我们很高兴的邀请到了北岸私校Kristin的Artistic Director - Major Productions 老师 Hamish Mouat. 我们并希望能够邀请他在未来担任学校Musical Theatre 部门的Artistic Director以及年度演出的导演组成员。以下是 Hamish Mouat 老师的简介:

Introducing Hamish Mouat, a dynamic and multifaceted talent in the world of performing arts. With a rich background in Choreographer, drama, musical theatre, and production management, Hamish has established himself as an exceptional Artistic Director and Choreographer. His journey began in Wellington, watching his sister's drama class and eagerly waiting to join. Since then, Hamish has excelled in numerous performance roles and production aspects, from creative to administrative. As the Artistic Director at Kristin School, he passionately directs, choreographs, and produces major productions, enriching young lives through theatre. Hamish is also a celebrated performer, recognized for his standout roles and exceptional choreography in various national and international productions.


他是表演艺术世界中充满活力和多才多艺的人才。凭借在音乐剧编导、戏剧、舞剧和制作管理方面的丰富背景,Hamish 已经成为一位杰出的艺术指导和编舞家。他的旅程始于惠灵顿,观看他姐姐的戏剧课,并急切地等待加入。从那时起,Hamish 在众多表演角色和制作方面都表现出色,从创意到行政管理。作为新西兰顶级私校 Kristin 学校的艺术总监,他充满激情地指导、编舞和制作主要制作,通过剧院丰富年轻人的生活。Hamish 还是一位受到赞誉的表演者,在各种国内外制作中以其杰出的角色和卓越的编舞而闻名。

这里分享一些Hamish 导演的舞台剧作品剧照:

Elf The Musical

ASB Waterfront Theatre, December 2022

Seussical The Musical

Bruce Mason Centre, June 2021

Disney's The Little Mermaid

Bruce Mason Centre, September 2022

Disney's My Son Pinocchio

ASB Waterfront Theatre, December 2019

Stage School Productions

Madagascar Jr, January 2021

Fame Jr, January 2021

Disney's The Jungle Book Kids, July 2021

Disney's The Aristocats Kids, January 2022

The Addams Family, January 2022

The Music Man Kids, July 2022

Disney's The Lion King Kids, July 2022

The SpongeBob Musical, April 2023

Annie Jr, April 2023


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WE DANCE January Holiday Program, online enrollment starts now!


Week 1 : January 15-19 (Monday to Friday)

Week 2 : January 22-26 (Monday to Friday)


🩰 Detailed Class Schedule:


Ballet Open Advanced Masterclass

Dance Competition Judge Technique Skill Masterclass

KPOP Finished Dance Class

Ballet Basic Training/Flexibility Training/Technical Skill Training/

Acro Advanced Technique Training Camp


Whether you are preparing for a dance competition or hoping to lay a solid foundation for next year's learning, we tailor high-level dance courses to meet your needs. From 5-years-old kids to older children, we offer various levels of courses, ensuring that every student can find their suitable dance journey.


WE DANCE 2024一月假期特训班,网上报名开启!



🩰 详细课程安排:

芭蕾舞高级大师班 : 任课老师 Tonia

舞蹈比赛评委技巧技能大师班(仅18&19两天): 任课老师 Cara Wright

基本功高级技术训练营: 任课老师 Cindy / Forrest

KPOP成品舞蹈班:任课老师 Tiffany

芭蕾基础训练/柔韧性训练/技术技巧训练 :任课老师 熊老师

Hip-hop成品舞蹈班:任课老师 David



oliday class registration is available all day. If you don't want to bring lunch, search and download the WE DANCE APP in the app store to enjoy exclusive reservation and meal delivery services!


假期班报名全天,午餐不想带饭,在应用商店搜索并下载WE DANCE APP,享受专属预定和送餐服务!

Holiday class morning and evening care service, allowing you to drop off your children earlier and pick them up later! (For details, please contact customer service)




Class spots are filling up fast, hurry up to register!


班级名额有限,报名要抓紧哦!您可以使用WE DANCE APP直接在线报名或者点击以下链接报名,或者微信联系客服报名 客服微信号:WEDANCESCHOOL




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